Cyber security strategy is the key to protection of your online digital environment and assets of your business. We provide managed risk assessment and threat analysis encompassing our rigorous auditing framework, we work with you to devise a business continuity plan


Consulting to SMEs, We have more than twelve years’ experience, which makes us the leading IT support company in West Yorkshire, Flexible and Cost Effective delivering a reliable and comprehensive service throughout North of England, We are disaster recovery experts and specialists in business continuity


Digital technologies are transforming our society by driving economic growth, connecting people and providing new ways to communicate and co-operate with one another. We provide managed online digital marketing campaigns for brand awareness, target audience, newsletters, mailshots and market research and analysis

Our Services

  • Dedicated IT Support
    The leading Expert IT Support company in Yorkshire, Stratos IT providing 24/7/365 managed IT Support services, support packages to suit all your IT requirements. We can provide monthly contract services, emergency as hoc support and pay as you go support
  • Network monitoring solutions
    We offer complete network monitoring and alert solutions for servers, switches, applications, and services building in intelligence between network access points and sophisticated monitoring tools to streamline the flow of data on your business critical systems
  • Hosted Cloud solutions
    We provide cloud computing for your business, in the form of scalable computing and flexible and secure cloud storage, we provide Protection for your Data While Enabling Maximum Flexibility hence we are the Specialists In The Design, Supply & Installation Of Cloud Solutions
  • Active Website Monitoring
    Continuous website monitoring and periodic scanning and Identification of suspicious and malicious activity using dynamic, non-signature based approach to the web malware and securing your business critical systems from hacking 
    Enterprise level scalable monitoring of all your business assets to ensure policy compliance and system availability with protection against information security as primary focus so your devices are protected 24/7/365
  • Fibre Optic Broadband
    From leased line to standard business package, we have solutions available for SMEs, why not contact us to find out more
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Our testimonials

  • Nationwide Car Hire Bradford

    Very pleased with the level of service and support offered by Stratos IT, very reliable company and their response times has always been prompt, always answered my calls and best of all…


    Our Business relies on IT infrastructure to function according to our needs and with the dedicated help and support from Stratos IT, we are able to achieve this with particular emphasis on…


    We are having the website re-designed by Stratos IT and as well as the setup of all IT infrastructure has been carried out by this company. Definately one of the leading IT…